Industrial products are usually tasteless , Is doner cone tasteless?

The reason why a product is unsatisfactory cannot be produced in the factory under hygienic conditions. Generally, the products produced with low quality raw materials to respond to the demand for cheap products become flavorless. The secret of our product`s taste is that we use the best quality meat.

I / My master makes better than you, why should ı get ready?

We have customers who have been working with us for many years even though they are making very good Doner Kebab. After starting to work with us, their sales have increased. This is a positive result of the transfer of the energies of the enterprises using ready Doner to the service. In our factory, each chef makes an average of 1000 lbs per day, with a simple calculation that a chef working in our factory has been making 240.000 lbs doner.

I already have a chef, why shouldn`t he make it?

Donerci master, the main job is not to make Doner from scratch, but to sell more Doner.
The total cost of the necessary meat will be higher than the ready Doner cost considering the supply, slicing, marination, trimming, cleaning, shredding, raw materials, energy, water, auxiliary materials and labor costs.The waste of the meat cannot be calculated exactly.
When your chef changes, the taste of your doner is changed, your customer cannot always find the same flavor.

How to cook raw ready doner?

If the cold chain is not broken, it will keep its freshness for 6 months. An important element that gives flavor to the doner is the cooking consistency and cutting fineness. The following points should be taken into consideration when cooking the doner:
After the Doner is putted on the machine, the wrapped stretch film must be removed before the burner is opened.
The Doner should wait for 15-20 minutes to catch itself on a low heat, then start cooking on normal fire.
The Doner should be cooked approximately 6 inches from the burner radiant.
Doner should not be brought too close to the burner for quick cooking and direct contact with the burner.

How do you choose meat? Which cuts of meat do you use?

THE BEST MEAT means BEST DONER. That's why we used the best meat in the Doner Kebab and it makes us the Egea Food. Meat coming to our company is subject to inspection by USDA Inspectors and food engineers during the acceptance and production stages.

Why should ı choose a ready doner?

Hygienically produced and delivered to your door,
For hygiene in the business,
Since you will get the same quality and same tastes every day of the year,
In order to comply with USDA,
To see your profitability by easily doing the waste and cost calculations,
To put your energy in service to the customer and not to making Doner.

What do you use for margination of doner?

The marination content is indicated in the content information on the product label. In general yogurt, onions, spices and salt are used. In addition, antimicrobial agent is used to prevent diseases caused by microbiological loads.

How can ı reduce the wate of cooked doner?

If you experience a cooking waste of more than 30-35% in your doner, please note the following:
You may be waiting for a very long time
You may be holding the fire very close to the Doner,
You may use high heat,
You may be making an account error by serving without weighing portions.
You may not be able to follow the weight of the doner which you buy and sell.

I have problem of drying and falling apart, what can ı do?

To have waited the sliced Doner Kebab may cause dryness.
If the oil is too high in the container where the Sliced Doners are kept and the oil is too close to the heat source, may cause dryness.
In case of falling apart problem, the chef must use sharp knife and use the sharpening steel frequently.
(sharpening can make the knife completely blunt if it is not done carefully and consciously, which may cause the falling apart problem).